Mai Mala will take Yobe to the next level -Gombe

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Dauda Mohammed Gombe is the Mai Mala Buni House-To-House Campaign Coordinator. He speaks with Musa Mingyi on what his candidate intends to offer if elected as Governor of Yobe state.

You were APC candidate for the State House of Assembly in Yobe, what motivated you to join the train of Mai Mala candidature?

Mai Mala is a humble, straight forward person and a graduate school of activism who passed through all hurdles and cradles of life and later found himself where he is today.  He knows the sufferings and enjoyment of the people at the grassroots, and above all he has a listening ear irrespective of who you are and where you come from.

He has no segregation, sectionalism or tribalism and has passion for engaging youths in his activities because he is also a youth. That is why it is very important for me to join his train.

Mai Mala believes the society can only be developed when youths are involved and carried along in every activity.  In the history of Yobe, there is no better time than now where youths from all nooks and crannies are joining the fight for good governance.  If we make it happen, history will not forget us just as when we failed, so joining his train will help us rescue democracy in Yobe state.

As the backbone of every organization, what does your party has to offer youths and people of Yobe if elected into office?

Since inception, Yobe has almost had a single political party. We have been eating same soup and we have not regretted that because it has not disappointed or failed us.

This is because of the way we handle people here.  Look at the tremendous developments the APC brought to Yobe state.  From road construction to housing, water supply, health, education, youth empowerment, name them, things have changed.

The government of Ibrahim Gaidam moved Yobe from under developed to

developed state. It can now be compared with any semi-industrialized state in Nigeria.

Unlike before where you could easily have counted the number of roads, concrete culverts, number of doctors in the hospitals, today we do not have only doctors and health workers but we have witnessed the establishment of Teaching Hospital.  Every road comes with dual culvert; solar powered light so what we will offer is consolidation and continuity. We will build from where Ibrahim Gaidam has stopped, what we are going to do is to help Yobe actualize its dreams.

Gaidam established many projects including the Cargo Airport, how will this transform Yobe in terms of agriculture?

We are going to ensure Yobe becomes one of the leading states in agricultural exports in Nigeria and at the same time lead in feeding the nation, Africa and the world at large.  This can be done through exporting agricultural produce to the wider world and import products that we do not have in Yobe.  So voting Mai Mala Buni is like investing in Dangote Groups of Company because the future is guaranteed.

As Coordinator, what do you intend to achieve?

We want to bridge the gab. To make sure this time around, the kind of votes we are going to generate for President Buhari, Gaidam for Senate and Mai Mala for Governor will be the highest ever in the history of this state.

Since the return of democracy in Nigeria, the number of votes usually received for gubernatorial elections had around 300,000 – 400,000. As house-to-house campaign team of Mai Mala, we intend to reach to 150,000 households in Yobe, by meeting the households’ leadership and engage them in bilateral discussion and sell our candidates to them. 

We need at least 2 votes in every household.  The intended votes from 150,000 house holds plus the 400,000 votes normally realized, we will produce not less than 700,000 votes.

Which sector would you like Mai Mala to concentrate on if elected?

The most important sector that I would like the incoming government, if elected into office, to concentrate on is the people. He should first of all understand the needs and aspirations of the people. If you do not engage the people in governance, no matter what you have done problems won’t be solved.

You will end up promoting education, living health aside or develop agriculture, while road construction is the challenge in the other side.  So what we want is a government that will be all inclusive. When it’s time for budget, communities would be allowed to decide, discuss and come up with what they want.

Mai Mala told us, he is going to consolidate on YOSERA I, II, III and IV,  Yobe summit I, II and all relevant Yobe documents that are meant to develop Yobe. We do not need new ones; we have enough documents and resources that will change Yobe to a greater height.

Yobe is one of the best in the financial management system, so what we need now is all inclusive government: a government that listens and executes the wishes and aspirations of the people.

Wishes may defer but our major areas will be on security, where people can move to farms freely, children to go to school at will and residents to travel out any time.  Other areas will be of health, education, agriculture, water supply and infrastructural development among others.

In nutshell it would be all inclusive government where youths, women, vulnerable, disabled and everybody in the society will have a role to play.

A lot of PVCs are yet to be collected, what will you do to assist intending voters?

We are in collaboration with Yobe Youth Alliance and the media houses here have been mobilizing people to make sure they get their Permanent Voters Cards.  We tell them, PVCs are their key and mandates to elect credible leaders.

In any forum we find ourselves, we have tried to enlighten them on the importance of having their PVCs because without it you cannot elect the candidates of your choice or make Nigeria great. They must go and collect their PVCs and we will continue to encourage them to do so.  We are working with government officials, traditional leaders, party leaderships and civil society organizations to ensure all Yobe residents are reached and enlightened.

2019 election is around the corner, what message do you have for politicians that hire thugs to cause chaos?

Both the politicians and the thugs should always think twice. If somebody will ask you to go and take aims to beat or kill someone, you need to ask him to bring his children to join you in doing that. Most of these politicians their children are schooling abroad or in Nigeria under the protection of security guards, therefore being a political thug is foolishness of the highest order.

In Yobe, we do not have political thugs any longer, but party members. Before now, I used to go to the party secretariat to sensitize them.  So giving arms to youth to work for you under the influence of drugs, you have not been fair to their parents and the country; I totally disagree with this notion.


Hon, Mai Mala Buni a Patriot and rare example of loyalty

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Considering the joy that came as a clarion call to serve the good people of yobe state as the chief executive officer, there is no denying the facts that hon, Mai Mala Buni has rejuvenated the confidence of the good people of yobe and his Excellency Governor Ibrahim Gaidam to endorse and anoint his successor.

Buni has in recent times achieved quite a significant milestone in bequeathing the ApC family in yobe and across the country to so much believe in his charismatic style of leadership and meticulousness that speaks volume. Maintaining that Buni’s standing and rating in the people’s opinion poll is appreciable and appreciating in their prejudiced minds, eyes.

As an Iconic servant, like the ruling All progressive Congress (ApC) National secretary Hon, Mai Mala Buni, loyalty is enhanced, loyalty to one leader/superior minimises intra-party conflict, though with the endorsements romanced and overwhelming support across the state and country at large, the 2019 governorship election is just a tip of the iceberg.

The National secretary of the ruling All progressive Congress (ApC) Hon, Mai Mala Buni is an outstanding Nigeria of no mean repute and achievement, so far, his conduct as the engine room for the ApC is worth commending because he has exhibited the highest degree of docurum, in his services and words at following the due process, rule of law and interpersonal relationship with party faithfuls and all as sundry.

It is now obvious, that the fortunes of the ApC in 2019 will be determined by the calibre and quality of the contestants/flag bearers across the country that emerged from the just concluded primaries, though Nigerians have decided and the good people of yobe have decided and awaiting their “chosen one” in the persona of Hon, Mai Mala Buni the Undisputed champion and the Ciroman Gujba.

The desire and concern of every genuine citizen and committed ApC in yobe today, who truly wishes that the state retained it’s position and continue with the change mantra and the giant stride of Governor Ibrahim Gaidam, is for Mai Mala Buni to emerge as the Governor who can fit into Gaidam’s large shoes and continue from where he’ll stop.
Yobeans Cannot afford a weak or a lily-livered person who will be compromised to abandon the battle of transforming yobe midway or surreptitiously, that’s how Hon, Mai Mala Buni became the anointed candidate to succeed Gaidam and fit into his Vision of transforming yobe into the world it is destined to be.


YOBE 2019: Why Maimala Buni Will Emerge Winner

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With the Contendsundry, eking for Governorship seat, it has indicated that no match for Maimala Buni, with the endorsement and overwhelming support garnered towards Buni, it’s almost assured that he will emerge winner in the forthcoming general elections.

Maimala Buni the incumbent National secretary of the ruling All progressive Congress (ApC) is a calibre with unquestionable principles, his Job services and commitments in recent times proves him exceptionally oriented.

Buni’s Contributions and selfless services in steering the nations ruling party is a bonus to his political profile, his magnified political experience is a added bonus to his political dynasty.
He’s very transparent and visionary with wide consultation and the ability to always forge ahead.
He is also on track and on the improve cohesion with the masses.

Any discussion about the performance of Maimala Buni has to be mindful of the constraint inherent to the parry position as the incumbent government.
The national secretary is a role that comes with high visibility but average authority.

Maimala Buni’s commitment and reactions to internal party crisis offers another insight into his approach to the job.
His meritorious and selfless services kept attracting favor and acceptance by all as sundry, wrestling him in a contest will only leave a torn in your flesh, he’s a goal getter and always standing tall at the end.

Maimala Buni’s political profile speaks volume about his personality.
He’s always by the people, for the people and always with the people at all times.
These are the qualities that made him exceptionally Unique.


Yadda APC ta yiwa PDP Tumbur a jihar Yobe

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Dr Sheriff Almuhajir:

Labarin Maigidana Mai Mala da Abokina Hon Sani Alhaji 

Yaune abokina Hon Sani daya daga cikin manyan gaba-gaba wajen Atiku Abubakar ya hadu da maigida na Hon Mai Mala Buni a wani restaurant, sai ya kira ni a waya yake cewa mun ga Dan takarar ka can a wani restaurant zai ci abinci, sai nace Kaje ku gaisa, sai yace yana jin tsoron kar yayi mashi girman kai, sai nace kaje ka bashi waya kace nine nake magana. 

Yana zuwa sai yace ga Sheriff nan yana magana da kai yallabai, sai Mai Mala ya karbi waya, nace wannan abokina ne amma fa yaron Atikune, sai yayi dariya yace ka jawo mana shi mana, nace muna fama amma tunda ka bada umarni an gama. 

Saboda tsantsan saukin Kai da Sani ya gani, yanzu haka zancen dawowar shi muke yi APC har mun yi nisa. Kwanannan insha Allah zamu wanke shi.



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Dr Shriff Almuhajir:

Na samu labarin cewa yan jam’iyyar PDP sun fita campaign a jihar Yobe, sun shirya zasu je wasu kauyuka da suka saba lashewa a wasu sassa na jihar, kawai su mutanen suka aiko musu da sakon cewa suyi zaman su kawai, domin tun bayan zuwan Dr Sheriff Almuhajir da mutanen shi karkashin MMB-SCC sunyi yanke shawarar cewa bana baza suyi PDP ba, Mai Mala zasu zaba saboda PDP a mulkin shekaru 16 bata tsinana musu komai ba duk da suna zaben ta.

Saboda haka yan PDP suka koma korafi da fakewa da batanci suna cewa MMB-SCC taje kauyuka tayiwa mutane barazana. Ba barazana da muka yi, mun tattauna ne da su har suka gane cewa dagaske muke yi, ku je ku basu amsa me kuka tsinana musu kawai.

Ina kira ga abokina Isah Abuh Yousouf na gomnan Bauchi da ya gaggauta shirin shi na strategic communication.


As 2018 Rounds Up: Meet My Gentleman of the Year

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Dr Sheriff Almuhajir:

I am presenting to you my choice for the most gentleman of the year 2018 in person of Hon Mai Mala Buni. This choice was born out of the conviction that in him I see a gentleman that is true to his words, honest in his opinions and fair in his dealings.

This picture is snapped about nine months ago after a long conversation. And everything said has come to pass with him holding firmly to his words and assurances. That is the Mai Mala I know and the one many will attest to.

Since the moment I knew him, I found a man with whom I can confide. My struggles through thick and thin for Mai Mala should therefore not be a surprise. 

Despite the odds and the thing and froing in these delicate times, nothing has changed or shaked his trust in my loyalty to the cause. This house will be built for the future of a generation that will remember Mai Mala for all the good. Keeping to his words, I see a man willing to accommodate, to champion a genuine cause and to build a society for everyone. 

Leadership comes with series of complexities that often tend to derail from preconceived plans. Yet, I see in Mai Mala a man that fulfils, a man that is firm and true to the values of statemanship.

For a million reasons, I hold this man in high esteem, far above many of his peers.

He is, no doubt, my man of the year 2018.


Yobe Gov endorses APC national secretary, Buni as successor.

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Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, has endorsed the nomination of the national secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Mai Mala Buni, to fly the party’s governorship ticket in the state.

The decision was taken on Friday after a meeting of the leadership of the party at the state, local government and ward levels.

The governor also endorsed the current Senate Majority Leader, Ahmed Lawan, for Senatorial ticket, just as he endorsed his spokesman, Abdullahi Bego, for Jakusko/Bade Federal Constituency.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of youths from Yobe Zone A had thronged the Government House, Damaturu to call on Ibrahim Gaidam, to contest for the Senate seat for Yobe Zone A.

The youths were received at the Government House by Abubakar Ali, the deputy governor.

The leader of the youths, Umar Kalli, said: “We believe that although Governor Gaidam is successfully completing his second term in office, we cannot allow him to go and rest.

We need him in the Senate because we believe he is the best person who can represent our people there”.

On Thursday, the state chapter asked Gaidam to announce his successor.

A communique issued by the deputy governor Aliyu after a stakeholders’ meeting, also endorsed Gaidam for Senate in 2019.

“The meeting resolves that a discretion is given to HE Alh. (Dr.) Ibrahim Gaidam to present a competent and acceptable person as the Gubernatorial Flag bearer of our great party (APC) in the forthcoming 2019 general elections for our dear state,” it read.


As Mai Mala Buni Prepares To Take Over Yobe.

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It is doubtful, almost near impossible, if there is any governorship candidate in Yobe State who can match the political machinery of the All Progressives Congress (APC) not to talk of defeating the party’s candidate, Mai Mala Buni, in the forthcoming elections. For a political party that became a behemoth over the years in Yobe, to contemplate defeating it in a fair electoral contest is a forlorn hope. The APC, which is an amalgam of the legacy parties including the defunct ANPP, had been in the opposition between 1999 and 2015 when it clinched the presidency. Yet it dominated the political landscape in Yobe. Even with the federal might of the then ruling PDP, backed by political heavyweights from the state, the highest the PDP could ever get was the seat for the Southern Senatorial Zone. The ANPP in Yobe State, which formed the APC, had its roots in the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP), which formed government under the diarchy rule of General Ibrahim Babangida in 1992 with Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim as the governor. Therefore it is safe to say that the APP, which later metamorphosed into the ANPP and then became APC has been governing Yobe in a democratic setting since its creation in 1991. With the foregoing, the emergence of Mai Mala Buni as the governor of Yobe State in the 2019 general election is a fait accompli because of the rich history and political exploit of the APC and the galaxy of rated politicians who populated the party in the state. Of course leading the way in the campaign for Mai Mala is no other person than Governor Ibrahim Gaidam himself, who is ably supported by Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, Senator Ahmed Lawan, Ibrahim Bomoi, the Senatorial Candidate for the Southern Zone, Party Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Chilariye, Alhaji Idi Barde Gubana, the Deputy Governor, Engineer Abubakar Aliyu, among other politicians too numerous to mention. The unity of purpose in the Yobe APC was amply demonstrated when other aspirants of the party’s governorship ticket sacrificed their ambition and agreed to rally round and work for the victory of Mai Mala Buni at the polls. With such a formidable structure, victory is guaranteed by God’s grace. Mai Mala is a thorough party man and a grass roots politician, who rose through the ranks to become the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Legislative Matters, the pioneer Chairman of the APC in Yobe State as well as the National Secretary of the party. He played a stabilizing role in the APC, which earned him a re-election into the post. Mai Mala Buni has developed a political network of friends across the country particularly when he served as the National Secretary of the APC. In fact his office was the rallying point for state governors, members of the National Assembly, ministers, party faithful and political bigwigs. He discharged his function with such precision and efficiency, which earned him silent visibility across the country. From my interaction with some journalists who cover the APC national secretariat in Abuja, I have gleaned that Mai Mala Buni is not a noise-marker. The only period journalists heard from him was when the Acting Spokesman of the party was suspended so he had to step in and issue statements on behalf of the party. But the journalists were unanimous in their opinion of him as a hard-worker and a smooth but silent operator, who is highly principled. Some of the journalists actually confided in me that they were utterly surprised when his name came up as the consensus governorship candidate of the APC in Yobe State. In fact, he could only break the news to them through the secretary of the Press Corps. He never granted interviews or issued statement on his political elevation. With his background as a core politician with network of friends across the country, Mai Mala is definitely an asset to Yobe because of his capacity to bring the state into national political limelight and attract various projects from the Federal Government. Yobe is a rural state with various challenges of development. The state also had its own bitter taste of the Boko Haram insurgency, which practically stalled development in areas that have direct impact on the human capital development indices. The insurgency caused economic dislocation and disrupted the social life of the state. The out-going Governor Gaidam has performed excellently in building the confidence of the citizenry in the government as well as the provision of infrastructure and social services ranging from health care delivery to schools, roads, agriculture, etc. Indeed, he has acquainted himself creditably as the governor of Yobe in the most challenging period of the history of the state. All eyes are now on Mai Mala Buni to consolidate on the achievements of Governor Gaidam and equally expand the frontiers of development in Yobe State.


Buhari has performed well, deserves a second term- North East APC stakeholders.

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Stakeholders of All Progressive Congress(APC) in the North East, have endorsed President Mohammadu Buhari’s second term bid, saying he has performed well.

Malam Mustapha Salihu who is the APC National Vice Chairman for the North East said the president has done much for the sub-region in terms of providing infrastructural development as well as the fight against insurgency.

“I want to say that this gathering is mainly an endorsement meeting and to show appreciation to Buhari’s administration for salvaging us from the shackles of insurgency, no single kilometre is now under Boko Haram.“The meeting is also to reiterate our support come 2019 by giving him triple number of votes as against was given to him in 2015.

“On the whole, the meeting is to map out strategies with the stakeholders to see how we will go about the forthcoming general elections to re-elect Buhari for a second term,” he said.

Also Speaking Gov. Kashim Shettima of Borno said, the president has done extremely well, as the sub-region is net beneficiary of his administration.

“We all know the sorry state of the country, we are the net beneficiaries of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in terms of appointment, securing lives and properties and projects.

“Because the Mambilla hydro power project in Gembu Taraba alone, is game changer in this part of the world.

“Therefore North East is Buhari’s territory, believe me the sub-region will solely back him in 2019 general elections,” he reiterated.

On his part Senate Leader, Alhaji Ahmed Lawan said senators of APC are more united after the defections and will continue to support the present administration on efforts to provide development in the country.

“We are committed, loyal, patriotic and we will continue to support the president to actualised wishes of Nigerians, and we will be committed party members who are supporting the continuity of the present administration.

“The 2019 general elections will be determined by integrity, history of candidates we know how they destroyed the resources.

“People should remember where we are coming from and where we are, right now.

“Buhari has done a lot of very good programmes and projects. Some have been concluded but there is still a lot that needs to be done.

”So we need to vote for him and return him as president so that he can complete the good work he has started,” Lawan said.

Also, The APC National Secretary Alhaji Mai Mala Buni said that Buhari had performed well in all sectors of Nigerian economy.

”President Buhari has performed well in all segments, namely education, technology, employment, insecurity, appointments etc.

“I therefore urged all eligible voters to come out and vote for him in 2019.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the stakeholders who attended the meeting included Gov. Kashim Shettima, Gov. Bindow Jibrila of Adamawa, Gov. Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi, the National Secretary of APC, Senate Leader Ahmed Lawal, former governors Isa Yuguda of Bauchi and Modu Sheriff of Borno among others.